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Aleksandra is a Poland-originated violinist, singer & songwriter.

Her releases are a blend of music with meaningful lyrics and magical videos reflecting her as a violinist, singer & songwriter. She has had her interests inclined toward pop and rock music since her early childhood days.

Aleksandra is a graduate from Hochschule für Musik Dresden (Germany) and Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien (Austria). She has learned classical violin and music as a student which makes her qualified to offer extensive music choices stretching from classical to pop.

She is very energetic and charismatic when on stage and her enthusiasm while singing makes the entire crowd dance. 

One must visit 'Aleksandra’s World of Music’ to dive deep into the wide spectrum of music ranging from pop to classical.

Aleksandra’s charisma reflects differently when on stage which nobody would like to miss, so join the music world to stay updated.

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