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two free spirits take you on a journey through relaxed sounds of pop and club music 


 Aleksandra's voice, accompanied by violin play meets the pianistic virtuosity of Mikołaj Suchanek.

To create the desired sound

 both of them, as multi-instrumentalists, are ready to integrate other instruments into their music. 

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Lunart's interpretation of ‘Baby One More Time’ got much appreciation on the internet. 

They arrange known and yet unknown songs and bring them back to life.

Their YouTube videos have been viewed thousands of times.

Lunart is characterized by the inclusion of orchestral, club or ensemble sounds in their arrangements.

With his latest album Lunart opens a new chapter and takes you on a journey through the timeless sounds of pop music.

In the coming months, there will be a new release from Lunart. The acoustic pop album carries emotional poetic lyrics and lofty metaphors.

Behind the catchy comfy melodies that drive these acoustic version of Lunart's Songs are stories of the dreams. 

Upcoming concerts promoting the album will be listed on the website.

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Lunart's Releases 

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